23 February 2024 4:43 PM
Snapchat users flood app stores with 1-star reviews after launch of My AI

Users swamped app stores with 1-star reviews. Snapchat’s overall U.S. App Store review score dropped from 3.05 out of 5 to 1.67 over the past week. The number of daily reviews also spiked to at least five times the normal amount. According to data published in Apptopia, the reviews are starting to wind down but are still at an elevated level.

The new feature, dubbed My AI, launched on April 20 and immediately drew harsh criticism from users. One of the first things users noticed was that they couldn’t remove the bot from their feed. On Snapchat, users can block, hide or otherwise remove anyone from their direct feed, but not My AI. Only paid subscribers to Snapchat+ are able to block or remove the chatbot. 

My AI, which uses OpenAI’s GPT technology, was first available to Snapchat+ users exclusively until being rolled out to all users last week. The bot appeared without much warning and without users’ consent, which seems to be the biggest concern for many.

Some users are asking for an opt-in prompt to be added, even threatening to leave Snapchat if it’s not added.

The company tweeted an announcement for the bot last week before the launch and received prompt backlash. Some users complained that the bot having access to users’ locations is creepy.  

Snapchat asks users to provide the app location data to use the Snap Map feature, which shows where the user and the user’s friend are. However, My AI does not ask for users’ permission for location data, bringing into question the data ethics of the company.

The chatbot doesn’t have parental controls either, which has been cause for concern among some users who feel the bot could provide inappropriate responses.

The Washington Post reported that, while the bot was in testing, it told children how to mask the smell of alcohol or weed and how to set the mood during sex, when prompted. The company said parental controls are on the way but did not give an exact date.

My AI’s issue comes at an important moment for artificial intelligence. Massive tech companies are looking for ways to include AI in their businesses to stay current.

Chatbot apps are exploding in app stores, and users have been spending millions on apps like Ask AI and Genie AI. news/2023/apr/25/snapchat-users-flood-app-stores-1-star-reviews-aft/data.ai/en/” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>According to data.ai, user spending on the top 10 GPT-powered AI apps reached $6 million in February alone.

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