3 December 2023 8:31 PM
Pictured: Video purportedly showing the Russian jet falling from the sky with a trail of flames streaming behind it

Russian military plane bursts into flames and crashes into a lake in region bordering Finland

  • Law enforcement agencies reported the crash, according to Russian state news 
  • The crash was reported to have happened in Murmansk in Russia’s northwest 

A Russian military plane has burst into flames and crashed into a lake in a nother-western region of Russia bordering Finland, according to state media.

The military plane crashed in the northern Murmansk region after catching fire, the TASS news agency said on Wednesday, citing law enforcement agencies.

The MIG-31 fighter jet – said to be on a training flight – ‘crashed in an uninhabited area,’ TASS quoted the ministry as saying. The pilots ejected and are safe, the agency added. They were ‘alive and well’ after the drama, said Russian sources.

According to preliminary data, the plane fell into a lake, it had said earlier. The report did not give any information on what caused the plane to burst into flames.

Videos emerged online purportedly showing the jet moments before the crash.

Pictured: Video purportedly showing the Russian jet falling from the sky with a trail of flames streaming behind it

What was said to be the jet could be seen soaring overhead with flames and smoke streaking behind it, before disappearing out of view behind a treeline. 

An eyewitness said the plane was engulfed in flames as it took off. ‘The plane took off and everything was already on fire,’ a witness told news outlet Readovka.

The cause of the crash remains unclear. An official probe is underway.

The plane crashed near the village of Rizh-Guba, close to Lake Imandra.

Murmansk is a region in the arctic circle on Russia’s Kola Peninsula in its far-northwest. It borders both Norway and Finland – both members of NATO.

Moscow has a large military presence stationed on the peninsula, while Russian military bases there house the world’s largest concentration of nuclear weapons. 

The crash is the latest calamity to befall a Russian aircraft, after one of Vladimir Putin’s warplanes accidentally bombed the Russian city of Belgorod near the Ukrainian border last week in a humiliating blunder.

The crash also comes after Russia and China on Wednesday morning signed a memorandum of understanding on strengthening maritime law enforcement cooperation – in the same region where the jet crashed.

And yesterday, British and German warplanes were scrambled to intercept two Russian jets and a spy plane that came close to encroaching on NATO airspace over the Baltic Sea.

The UK and Germany sent Eurofighter Typhoon jets from Amari Air Base in Estonia to identify the two Sukhoi Su-27 fighter aircraft escorting an Ilyushin Il-20 Coot-A intelligence plane, the RAF said.

The Russian jets and spy plane were flying over the Baltic Sea close to Estonian airspace when they were intercepted yesterday in the latest tense encounter in the skies between Moscow and the West.

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