6 December 2023 11:07 AM
Phoning operator giffgaff surveyed 2,000 British adults about the level of community spirit they experienced around the UK. 34 per cent of people admitted they find neighbours' spats 'pure entertainment' (stock image)

Gossip over the garden fence? We’d rather spy on our neighbours’ passive aggressive chats on Nextdoor – as people admit they’re ‘pure entertainment’

Having a chat with your neighbours over the fence with a cup of tea used to be one of life’s simple pleasures, but it seems millions of us would now rather consume the gossip at a distance. 

A study has found that millions love the stream of passive-aggressive exchanges in their online and mobile community group chats and apps like Nextdoor, and read them as a form of entertainment. 

Phone operator giffgaff surveyed 2,000 British adults and found that 56 per cent of people are in community groups where passive aggressive messages are rife, with 34 per cent describing the tense exchanges as ‘pure entertainment.’ 

Millions admitted that they’d rather deal with neighbours virtually rather than in person, and prefer to watch arguments unfold over bugbears such as taking in too many parcels and not touching up chipped paintwork.  

Meanwhile, one in 20 Britons can’t remember the last time they spoke to a neighbour face-to face, and less than half said they would stop and chat with them if they ran into a neighbour in the street. 

Phoning operator giffgaff surveyed 2,000 British adults about the level of community spirit they experienced around the UK. 34 per cent of people admitted they find neighbours’ spats ‘pure entertainment’ (stock image)


  • Inappropriate parking
  • Loud music
  • Dogs barking loudly
  • Shouting
  • Noisy children
  • Noise from a house party
  • Doors being slammed
  • Loud TV
  • Animal faeces left outside
  • Messy exterior appearance e.g. not tidying up, leaving paint chipped etc
  • Smoking
  • Having a fire/bbq
  • Leaving the bins out/not putting the away
  • Swearing loudly
  • Littering
  • Having to take their parcels in repeatedly
  • Not giving you a heads up about construction work
  • Not holding the lift for you
  • Having a bold colour front door
  • Not holding the door open for you



Communications Expert, Amira Mansour, gave her tips on how to foster better relationships with your neighbours.

She said: ‘It can be difficult to make time for our neighbours. The research found many don’t have close relationships with people in their local area, and this can lead to feelings of isolation.

‘However, ironically, these people shouldn’t feel alone, as it seems there are millions in the same boat and there are ways that we can improve our communication with those in our community,’ she added.

Here, she shares her top tips for fostering good relationships with the people in your community? 

Small talk can be a good thing.

Find ways to start to interact with neighbours on a more daily basis so that when situations that bother you crop up, you’ve already got a relationship with them. You can create small talk by staying curious, asking questions and listening to how they respond.

Keep it short

As Brits we love to over explain things but it’s important to keep your points clear, succinct and on topic. It’s helpful to prepare what you want to say beforehand to help you feel more confident in addressing the situation.

Stop focusing on being right

Ask yourself how you can see it from their perspective and try focusing on a solution that works for you all.

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