23 February 2024 4:32 PM
Liam Smith vs Chris Eubank Jr II and Franchon Crews-Dezurn vs Savannah Marshall: Watch a live stream of the press conference | Boxing News

Watch the live stream as Liam Smith and Chris Eubank Jr face off ahead of their June 17 rematch; The Sky Sports Box Office bill also features Savannah Marshall challenging Franchon Crews-Dezurn for the undisputed super-middleweight world title **Warning – could be strong language**

Source : https://www.skysports.com/boxing/news/12040/12865854/liam-smith-vs-chris-eubank-jr-ii-and-franchon-crews-dezurn-vs-savannah-marshall-watch-a-live-stream-of-the-press-conference?rand=3094


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