3 December 2023 7:34 PM
Just Stop Oil activists interrupt World Snooker Championship by coating playing table in paint

Activists with Just Stop Oil disrupted the World Snooker Championship in Sheffield, England, Monday night by pouring orange powdered paint onto a green-clothed playing table.

The protest took place in the Crucible Theatre while two matches in the first stage of the World Snooker Championship were being played.

Snooker is a cue game, similar to billiards, using a different set of balls and a table with different dimensions.

Fans in attendance could be heard on the BBC broadcast expressing their anger at the protesters, with someone yelling “get him off of it” and others calling one protester a “prick” and an “idiot” before the crowd booed.

Play was to resume Tuesday after the tablecloth was replaced.

Two protesters were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.

Just Stop Oil, behind protests on roadways and in museums, demands the end of all new fossil fuel projects in Britain, calling the policies “genocidal” due to the effects on the weather.

Source : https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2023/apr/18/just-stop-oil-activists-interrupt-world-snooker-ch/?utm_source=RSS_Feed&utm_medium=RSS&rand=1247


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